Will Golf Cart Batteries Freeze During Winter Storage?

Will Golf Cart Batteries Freeze

With winter coming, golf cart owners need to start thinking about storing their vehicles. One big question is – will golf cart batteries freeze if left in the cold? This article will provide tips on winter battery care to avoid freezing and ensure your golf cart survives the winter months.

The short answer is yes – golf cart batteries can freeze in cold weather if not stored properly. However, there are steps you can take to prevent freezing and protect your batteries during winter storage. Proper winter care will extend your golf cart battery life and have your vehicle ready for the next season.

What Temperature Do Golf Cart Batteries Freeze At?

Golf cart batteries are lead-acid batteries that have a freezing point around -76°F. In most winter climates, temperatures routinely drop below freezing meaning golf cart batteries are at risk.

A fully charged battery is less likely to freeze than one that is discharged. But cold temperatures affect all lead-acid batteries by slowing chemical reactions. This causes charging and discharging to become uneven which can lead to freezing and battery failure.

Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged in Over Winter?

Many golf cart owners wonder if they should leave their cart plugged in all winter. The short answer is no – your golf cart and its batteries do not need constant charging over the winter months.

In fact, repeatedly charging and discharging a battery throughout the winter puts more strain on it than leaving it alone. The best practice for winter battery care is to fully charge your batteries, unplug the charger, then check the charge monthly.

Occasional charging balances the battery cells and prevents discharged batteries from freezing. But there is no need to keep your golf cart plugged in 24/7 during winter storage.

How Do I Prevent My Golf Cart Batteries From Freezing?

Here are key steps you can take to prevent your golf cart batteries from freezing this winter:

  • Fully charge your batteries before storing – this lowers the freezing point. Check the charge monthly and recharge as needed.
  • Disconnect battery cables from terminals to prevent parasitic loads.
  • Store batteries indoors or in an insulated box if possible. Batteries are less likely to freeze if protected from the elements.
  • Make sure batteries are clean and secure in the golf cart before storage. Dirty or loose batteries are more prone to freezing.
  • Check water levels – refill with distilled water so plates are fully covered.
  • Do not let batteries sit in a discharged state for an extended period. Recharge monthly or more often if possible.

Following winter battery care best practices will greatly reduce the chances of freezing. Consult your golf cart owner’s manual for tips specific to your model.

What Happens if a Golf Cart Battery Freezes?

Unfortunately, the effects of a frozen battery can be severe. As the electrolyte freezes and expands, it can crack the battery case. The battery will often fail completely after thawing.

Freezing also causes permanent damage to the lead plates inside the battery. This reduces performance and shortens overall service life once thawed.

A frozen golf cart battery is a clear sign it has been neglected. Proper winter storage and maintenance will protect your investment and avoid this issue.

How Should I Prepare My Golf Cart for Winter Storage?

Golf Cart

To fully prepare your golf cart and batteries for winter:

  • Clean the batteries and inspect for any damage. Refill to proper water levels with distilled water.
  • Fully charge batteries. Store them indoors if possible.
  • Disconnect and clean battery cables & terminals. Coat terminals with dielectric grease to prevent corrosion.
  • Park the golf cart and engage the parking brake. Place blocks behind the wheels to prevent rolling.
  • Clean and cover the golf cart to protect from snow and rain. Avoid plastic covers which trap condensation.
  • Check tire pressure and inflate to maximum rating on sidewall.
  • Remove any accessories and personal items from the cart.
  • Check all fluid levels – refill if needed.
  • Turn off any switches and electronics.

Refer to your owner’s manual for winterizing steps specific to your golf cart model and battery type. Taking time to properly prepare your vehicle and batteries for winter will pay off when golf season returns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Cart Battery Winter Care

Will golf cart batteries freeze if left outside in the winter?

Yes, golf cart batteries can freeze if left exposed to cold winter temperatures without proper winterization. Store them indoors or in an insulated box for the best protection.

How often should I charge my golf cart battery in winter storage?

Check battery charge monthly and recharge as needed to prevent discharged batteries from freezing. Avoid overcharging.

Can I drive my golf cart in the winter?

Driving your golf cart in cold weather is not recommended. Use another vehicle for winter transportation and store your golf cart properly to avoid battery, tire and other damage.

What is the ideal charge level for stored golf cart batteries?

Store batteries at a 60-80% state of charge if possible. Fully charged is okay but avoid completely discharging batteries. Check charge level monthly.

Should I remove my golf cart batteries for winter storage?

In most cases, it is best to leave batteries installed in the cart. Simply disconnect cables and follow other winterization steps. Removing batteries exposes terminals and invites issues.

In Closing

Preparing your golf cart and batteries for winter properly will ensure your vehicle survives the cold months in top shape. Avoid battery freezing by storing indoors at full charge, disconnecting cables, and checking water/charge levels monthly. With proper care, your golf cart and batteries will be ready for the greens when spring arrives!

Key Things to Remember

  • Fully charge batteries and store indoors to avoid freezing temperatures.
  • Disconnect battery cables and coat terminals to prevent discharge.
  • Check charge monthly and recharge as needed during storage period.
  • Do not leave batteries sitting in a discharged state for extended periods.
  • Refill to proper distilled water levels and clean batteries before storage.
  • Follow all winterization and storage steps outlined in your owner’s manual.
  • Proper winter care will extend battery life and have your golf cart ready for next season.

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