What To Do With Old Golf Clubs: 7 Smart Ways To Reuse or Sell Your Used Equipment

What To Do With Old Golf Clubs

As an avid golfer, you probably have a collection of old and unused golf clubs gathering dust in your garage. Maybe you upgraded to a shiny new driver. Perhaps an iron set no longer fits your swing. Or you simply have leftover clubs from partial sets over the years.

Whatever the case, most golfers inevitably end up with extra clubs they no longer use. But that doesn’t mean those old golf clubs are destined for the landfill.

You actually have plenty of great options to give those vintage clubs new life. From selling for cash to repurposing around the house, your used golf gear can benefit others instead of being tossed.

In this article, we’ll cover 7 smart ways to reuse, donate or sell your old golf clubs. Find the best new home for your unused equipment.

Ways To Pass On Old Golf Clubs

Ways To Pass On Old Golf Clubs

When you have a stack of clubs you no longer swing, avoid letting them collect dust forever. Here are some excellent ways to keep old golf equipment in use:

Sell to Golf Retailers

One route is selling your used golf clubs to retailers that specialize in pre-owned equipment.

Stores like Golf Galaxy ↗ and 2nd Swing Golf ↗ offer cash or store credit for gently used clubs. Simply request a quote online or bring clubs into a local store.

You won’t recoup full original retail value. But it’s an easy way to clear space and get some monetary return on gear purchases.

Sell to General Sports Stores

Another option is selling old clubs to sports equipment resellers like Play It Again Sports ↗.

While you may get less cash than golf-specific stores, their buyers take all sports equipment. It’s a simple way to sell multiple items together.

If you don’t want to deal with selling, consider donating old golf clubs to charity. Many non-profits gladly accept used equipment.

Organizations like Club Donation ↗ refurbish gently used clubs and distribute to veterans, kids, and lower-income golfers who can’t afford gear. The First Tee ↗ also takes donated clubs for their youth golf programs.

Donating is great for avoiding waste while making a difference for those in need. Ask your local club pro for donation options in your area too.

Gift to Friends and Family

Do you know any aspiring golfers? Passing down old clubs to friends and family is a wonderful way to spread your golfing passion.

Outfitting new players with quality starter clubs helps get them into the game. Bonus: gifting clubs clears up space in your garage!

Repurpose Creatively Around Home

With some creativity, you can repurpose old golf clubs for handy uses around the house:

  • Use iron shafts for reach tools to access hard-to-reach spots
  • Hang woods on walls for storage racks coat hooks
  • Craft furniture legs using driver shafts
  • Build shelving using stacked wood heads

Don’t limit yourself – old grips can become jar openers or drawer pulls. While it takes some DIY skills, recycling clubs into functional items is extremely fulfilling.

Use for Home Defense

Hopefully you never need to use golf clubs for this purpose. But a sturdy driver or iron makes an effective improvised defense tool if needed.

Many police departments actually recommend using golf clubs over baseball bats or kitchen knives if faced with an intruder. Just be sure to only target non lethal areas like arms and legs.

Other Ways to Repurpose

Beyond home uses, old golf clubs can transform into amazing art pieces, trophies, lamps and more:

  • Create sculptures by welding clubheads
  • Make wind chimes or dreamcatchers with old grips
  • Mount woods and irons into custom lighting
  • Use club components to make jewelry
  • Weld shafts into handrailings and stairs
  • Have kids make arts and crafts projects

With some inspiration from your inner artist, the possibilities are truly endless. Breathing new life into old golf clubs is extremely gratifying.


The next time you sort through your garage and uncover long forgotten golf clubs, don’t be quick to toss them. With a little thought, those unused sticks can benefit others instead of wasting away.

  • Sell to used equipment retailers for cash to fund your next golf purchase
  • Donate to charities and help underprivileged communities enjoy golf
  • Surprise a new golfer in your life with a starter set
  • Create unique furniture, fixtures and artwork around your home

Finding ways to reuse and repurpose is better for the environment while clearing your personal space. Get creative and let those vintage clubs shine once again!

The important thing is keeping old golf equipment in circulation rather than resigning clubs to a landfill. Hopefully these tips provide inspiration to give your old faithful sticks another chapter. Soon, more people can experience the joy this wonderful game provides.

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