What Should You Wear to the Driving Range? Keep it Comfy

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For many beginner golfers, one of the most confusing aspects of getting into the game is figuring out the dress code and what you should wear. Golf seems to have many rigid rules around attire that change depending on whether you’re on the course, in the clubhouse, or just visiting the driving range for practice.

It can be intimidating trying to learn proper golf course etiquette as a beginner. You don’t want to show up incorrectly dressed and embarrass yourself or break any rules.

When it comes to visiting the driving range, however, the good news is the dress code is much more casual and relaxed. You can leave your collared shirts and slacks at home and instead focus on comfort when practicing your swing!

This article will provide suggestions on the best clothes to wear to the driving range so you can hit balls comfortably and properly. Learn what outfits are appropriate for men, women and children when spending time honing your skills on the range.

Dress for Comfort Above All Else

The number one rule when deciding what to wear to the driving range is prioritizing comfort over appearance. Leave the fancy clothes at home, because functionality is most important.

You want to be able to take full, unrestricted golf swings without worrying about your outfit. Tight or restrictive clothing can negatively impact your ability to rotate your shoulders and shift your weight properly during the swing.

Choose loose, breathable fabrics that don’t cling to your body. Stretchy athletic wear like t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and yoga pants are great options. Oversize hoodies and sweatshirts also allow great mobility.

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Having clothes that are the proper fit will make your time at the range much more enjoyable and productive. Focus first on how an outfit feels rather than how stylish it looks. Comfort is key when choosing driving range attire.

Women have tons of cute and comfortable options when it comes to picking out a driving range outfit. Here are some top picks for ladies:


  • T-shirts, tanks, or blouses – Pick breathable fabrics that aren’t too tight. Sleeves are optional.
  • Hoodies or zip-up sweatshirts – These regulate temperature well if needed.
  • Lightweight sweaters or cardigans – Great layered over a tank if chilly.
  • Sports bras or swim tops – Allow lots of mobility.


  • Stretchy yoga pants, leggings, or joggers.
  • Athletic shorts like running or tennis shorts. Comfortable and don’t restrict movement.
  • Golf skorts – Offer ventilation and swing room.
  • Skinny jeans or jeggings – Stretchy denim works as long as not too tight.
  • Short dresses, skirts or wrap dresses – Allow good leg motion.


  • Baseball caps or visors to shade eyes from sun
  • Lightweight athletic jacket for layering if needed

The key is choosing pieces that feel good rather than focusing too much on how the outfit looks. Prioritize flexibility and breathability when selecting tops, bottoms and layers.

Great Outfit Options for Men

Men can also enjoy the relaxed vibe when visiting the driving range and wear pretty much anything comfortable, including:


  • T-shirts – cotton, performance material, sleeveless tanks all workgreat.
  • Hoodies or sweatshirts – oversize is optimal for mobility.
  • Lightweight athletic or golf jackets – good for layering.
  • Polo shirts – a step-up from t-shirt but still casual.


  • Golf shorts – flat front and stretch material ideal.
  • Athletic shorts – basketball, soccer, running etc. Allow stretch.
  • Sweatpants or joggers – focus on looseness, not fashion.
  • Stretch jeans – avoid overly skinny fits.
  • Cargo shorts or pants – roomy and practical.


  • Baseball caps or visors
  • Sunglasses
  • Golf gloves – optional for grip and swing feel

Comfortable, breathable basics are the name of the game when selecting driving range clothes for men. Don’t worry about dressing to impress – functionality is key.

Shoe Recommendations: Opt for Grip

Choosing the proper shoes to wear to the driving range is important for stability during your swing. While you don’t necessarily need golf shoes, you do want footwear that provides traction when hitting off grass or mats.

Here are some of the best shoes for the driving range:

  • Athletic sneakers – These are a top pick for both comfort and grip. Cross trainers or running shoes work great.
  • Golf shoes -Spikeless shoes provide excellent traction if you want golf-specific shoes.
  • Loafers or boat shoes – The tread on these grip well for swinging.
  • Light hiking shoes – Trail runners and some hiking boots work.
  • Casual flats – Only wear these if you have a very smooth, slow swing. Most don’t provide the needed grip.

Avoid footwear like flip flops, sandals or dress shoes. These either lack tread or present tripping hazards. Also leave the cowboy boots at home, as they restrict motion.

If taking a lesson, golf shoes are ideal since that’s what you’ll wear on the course. But for casual practice, any shoe with a decent tread pattern will provide sufficient grip when swinging.

Additional Tips Based on Driving Range Type

The overall vibe when it comes to driving range attire is casual comfort. But it’s worth considering the specific type of facility you are visiting.

Here are some additional tips:

  • At a private driving range attached to a golf club, check on any dress code rules just to be safe. Collared shirts and no jeans may be required.
  • At a public driving range, almost anything goes clothing-wise. Just avoid shirts with offensive images or sayings.
  • If taking a lesson, wear what you’d golf in so the instructor can evaluate your normal swing.
  • On a golf simulator, comfort is also key. Just avoid reflective fabrics that could impact swing sensors.
  • If going on a golf date, dress for comfort first while looking nice. Polos and shorts are a safe pick.

The overall rule of thumb is wearing whatever you feel allows you to swing your best. While some facilities may have nuances, comfortable athletic wear is almost always acceptable.

Should Kids Follow the Same Guidelines?

For the most part, kids can follow the same casual dress guidelines outlined already in this article. The focus should be on breathable, stretchy clothes that allow free movement while swinging.

There are a just few extra considerations when dressing kids for the driving range:

  • Sun protection – Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are musts to prevent burns.
  • Proper shoe fit – Make sure shoes won’t slip off but aren’t too tight.
  • Modesty – For girls wearing skirts or dresses, compression shorts underneath are recommended.
  • Bug spray – Apply this if spending lots of time outdoors, especially near water.
  • Layers – Bring extra clothes for changing temperature conditions.
  • Iron-on patches – These can protect elbows and knees on the mats.

The key is keeping kids comfortable and protected while allowing full mobility. And of course, make sure they can have fun and swing without restriction.

Focus on Practicality, Not Fashion

One final reminder about choosing your driving range outfit – the focus should always be on practicality, not fashion. Leave the latest golf apparel trends at home.

Since there is no dress code, don’t worry about coordinating fancy golf clothes. Instead, grab whatever athletic wear is clean and comfortable so you can swing freely.

Things like stretchy yoga pants with oversize t-shirts are perfect, even if the color combination looks mismatched. Comfort trumps coordination when prioritizing mobility on the range.

The bottom line is wearing whatever helps you practice and improve, not impress. Keep it casual, breathable and simple.


Figuring out the proper golf attire as a beginner can feel confusing. Fortunately, the driving range has a much more laidback approach when it comes to clothing.

Focus on wearing loose, comfortable athletic basics that don’t restrict your ability to take full swings. Things like t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, yoga pants and sneakers are perfect choices.

There is no need to stress about dressing up for the range. Simply pick clothes that allow you to rotate, bend and swing with ease. Remember, comfort and mobility are king when selecting your driving range outfit.

So next time you head to the range to practice, leave your worries about golf’s intricate dress code rules behind. Instead, feel the freedom to wear your most comfortable exercise outfit so you can focus on improving your swing.

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