What Is A Golf Umbrella? Sizes, Differences & Key Benefits of Golf vs Regular Umbrellas

What Is A Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are a common sight on golf courses when the weather takes a turn for the worse. But what exactly makes them different from regular umbrellas? As an essential accessory for any golfer, it’s important to understand the features and benefits of golf umbrellas.

This comprehensive guide will explain what golf umbrellas are, the different sizes and types available, how they differ from standard umbrellas, and their key advantages for golfers. You’ll also learn tips for choosing the best golf umbrella to suit your needs.

What Is a Golf Umbrella?

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A golf umbrella is a large, heavy-duty umbrella designed specifically for use on the golf course. It provides protection from rain, wind, and sun thanks to its oversized canopy and durable, specialized construction.

The main features that distinguish a golf umbrella from a regular model are:

  • Larger size – Typically between 54 to 68 inches in diameter when open. This provides more expansive coverage.
  • Sturdier build – Made of high grade, water-resistant fabrics stretched over fiberglass ribs for a robust frame that can withstand wind.
  • Straight handle – Allows the umbrella to rest against your golf bag when open.
  • Longer shaft length – Keeps the canopy elevated to clear your golf bag and clubs.

Most golf umbrellas will easily fit into a golf bag when collapsed, making them a convenient accessory to bring along.

Sizes of Golf Umbrellas

A selection of golf umbrellas in different sizes (54", 62", 64", 68") lined up next to each other for comparison with height markers indicating the suitable user height for each.

Golf umbrellas come in a range of oversized diameters to suit different user heights and needs:

  • 54 inches – Ideal compact size for carrying. Good coverage without excessive bulk.
  • 62 inches – One of the most popular mid-range sizes.
  • 64 inches – Provides expansive coverage for very tall golfers.
  • 68-inches – The largest diameter commonly available. Maximum coverage.

When selecting a size, consider your body height, golf bag size, and preference for portability vs maximum coverage. Taller individuals may opt for 62″ or larger, while petite golfers can comfortably use a 54″ umbrella.

Here’s a sizing chart to help choose:

Umbrella SizeUser Height
54 inchesUnder 5’6″
62 inches5’6″ to 6’0″
64 inchesOver 6’0″
68 inchesVery tall golfers

For most average height golfers, a 62 or 64 inch golf umbrella is ideal. The extra coverage will keep you and your clubs shielded without being bulky.

Types of Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas come in a variety of styles and designs:

Folding vs Stick

Folding umbrellas have extending shafts that collapse into several compact sections for easy storage.

Stick umbrellas feature a fixed-length shaft. These are more durable but not as portable.

Single vs Double Canopy

Single canopy umbrellas offer basic coverage with one waterproof layer.

Double canopy models provide enhanced protection with two layers to stop wind and rain penetration.

Custom Printed

Many companies offer custom printed golf umbrellas with logos, artwork, or promotional messages. Minimum order quantities apply.

Variety of Fabrics

The umbrella canopy can be made from nylonpolyesterpongee, or micro-weave polyester fabrics. Polyester offers excellent water repellency at an affordable price point.

Golf vs Regular Umbrellas: Key Differences

While a regular umbrella can work on the golf course, golf umbrellas have several advantages:

  • Larger canopy size – The expansive coverage keeps you and your golf bag protected.
  • Taller shaft – Prevents water from dripping onto your clubs and back.
  • Straight handle – Allows the umbrella to lean against a golf cart or bag hands-free.
  • Reinforced frame – Durable fiberglass or metal ribs withstand wind gusts better.
  • Water-resistant fabric – Heavy duty pongee or polyester material repels rain.
  • UV coating – Provides sun protection too.

Overall, golf umbrellas are larger, sturdier, and have design aspects making them better suited for golfers. The differences justify the marginally higher cost for their specialized performance.

Key Features and Benefits

There are several helpful features that set golf umbrellas apart:

Weather Protection

  • 68-inch canopy keeps you and your golf bag equipment dry in any downpour.
  • Water-resistant fabrics like pongee nylon or polyester repel raindrops. Some have a Teflon coating for even better water repellency.
  • UV resistant fabrics block harmful rays.
  • Vented double canopies allow wind gusts to pass through to prevent inversion.

Wind Resistance

  • The fiberglass ribs create a sturdy, reinforced frame to withstand windy conditions on courses.
  • Double vented canopies and wind flaps minimize inversion risk.
  • rugged frame coupled with taut fabric maintains the shape and structure.


  • Folding umbrellas collapse into a compact size to store in golf bags.
  • Carrying cases keep umbrellas contained outside of use and during transport.

Ergonomic Design

  • straight handle allows the umbrella to rest against a golf bag or cart hands-free.
  • Foam or rubber handles provide a comfortable, slip-free grip even in wet weather.
  • Lightweight models between 1 to 1.5 lbs make carrying effortless.


  • Fiberglass ribs are flexible but extremely sturdy in winds.
  • Reinforced stress points at the hub and runner help withstand frequent opening/closing.
  • Rust-resistant components maintain integrity even with moisture exposure.

How to Choose the Best Golf Umbrella

With many golf umbrella options on the market, here are some tips for picking the best one for your needs:

  • Consider your height and golf bag size to select an adequate canopy diameter for full coverage.
  • Choose a durable, water resistant fabric like pongee or polyester.
  • Look for wind venting and UV resistance in the canopy’s design.
  • For portable convenience, select a lightweight and collapsible umbrella.
  • Opt for a straight handle to easily rest against your golf bag when open.
  • Ensure it has a comfortable foam or rubber grip.
  • Pick a dark shade to avoid glare on sunny days.
  • Match the umbrella color to your golf bag for a coordinated look.
  • Seek out reputable brands known for quality, like Callaway, TaylorMade, or ShedRain.

Key Takeaways

  • Golf umbrellas provide larger coverage and a rugged build to withstand outdoor course conditions.
  • Common sizes range from 54 to 68 inches in diameter when open.
  • Key features include straight handles, wind venting, waterproof fabric, and UV resistance.
  • Golf umbrellas differ from regular models with their oversized canopiesdurable fiberglass frames, and specialized designs making them better suited for golf.
  • When selecting a golf umbrella, consider size, weight, weather resistance, comfort, and quality.

The Perfect Accessory for Any Weather

Golf umbrellas are specially designed for enduring the elements on the course. With handy features like straight handles and water-resistant fabric, they keep you and your equipment protected. Carrying a quality golf umbrella ensures you can enjoy a relaxing round of golf whatever the weather. Don’t let rain, sun, or wind keep you from the game – bring an umbrella built for golfing life!

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