Master Uphill Lie Chip Shots With Pro Tips For Stance and Technique

How to Chip from an Uphill Lie

Chip shots are one of the most important skills for scoring well in golf. Being able to get up and down quickly can save you numerous strokes per round. However, chip shots require precision and when your ball comes to rest on an uphill lie, it can throw off your technique.

Mastering the How to Chip from an Uphill Lie takes adjustment to stance, ball position, club selection, and swing mechanics. Follow this guide to learn pro tips and drills for conquering uphill lies.

How to Chip from an Uphill Lie – Assessing the Severity of the Uphill Lie

Not all uphill lies are the same. The steepness of the slope will determine how much you need to adjust your setup and swing. Here is a rough guide for assessing severity:

  • Mild Slope (5-10 degrees): Minor adjustments needed.
  • Moderate Slope (10-20 degrees): Wider stance and more weight on lead foot. Reduce loft.
  • Severe Slope (20+ degrees): Significantly open stance. Choke down on club. Make substantial swing changes.

In general, the steeper the uphill lie, the more adjustments you will have to make to your regular chipping technique. Evaluate the slope carefully and pick your setup and club accordingly.

Proper Setup Is Key

Your setup is crucial for hitting good chip shots from an uphill lie. Pay attention to the following elements:

Stance Width and Balance

  • Take a wider than normal stance for stability. Your feet should be slightly farther apart side-to-side.
  • Ensure weight is balanced evenly between lead and trail foot. Do not sway.

Shoulder Alignment

  • Align shoulders perpendicular to the slope, NOT parallel to the target line. This prevents blading.

Ball Position

  • Play the ball off your front foot in the stance. This helps strike ball first.
  • Move it more forward as the slope gets steeper.

Weight Forward

  • Maintain weight positioned forward at address.
  • Pressure should be predominantely on lead foot.

Proper setup and alignments are key to making solid contact on uphill chip shots. Take time to evaluate the slope and adjust accordingly same as for chip from downhill lie.

Choose the Right Club

Club selection requires careful consideration on uphill lies. The loft of your chipper or wedge will be affected:

Less Loft Needed

Due to the upward slope under the ball, your club has effective loft added at impact. That means you need LESS actual loft on the club you choose.

Recommendations by Severity of Slope

  • Mild Slope: 1 club less loft (10 degree wedge instead of usual 8).
  • Moderate Slope: 2 clubs less loft (9 iron instead of gap wedge).
  • Severe Slope: 3 clubs less (7 iron instead of pitching wedge).

Picking a less lofted club, like an 7 iron on very steep slopes, helps prevent blading and losing the ball under the turf.

Adjust Your Swing Technique

In addition to setup, the mechanics of your chipping swing must be adapted for uphill lies:

  • Maintain weight shifted forward during the swing. Avoid swaying back.
  • Make a slightly steeper downswing to account for extra loft. Don’t flip or scoop under the ball.
  • Use a putting stroke rather than chipping wrist break if the slope is severe.
  • Focus on crisp ball first contact. You have more room for error than downhill shots.
  • Followthrough and finish facing the target.

Mastering these swing adjustments takes practice but becoming competent on uphill slopes will lower your scores.

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Practice Drills to Master the Uphill Chip Shot

Dedicated practice is the key to success for uphill chip shots. Here are some great drills to hone technique:

Alignment Rails

  • Place alignment sticks on the ground to guide feet and shoulder alignment. Get used to proper setup.

Hit Incremental Slopes

  • Start with mild uphill slopes and increase steepness gradually. Don’t go straight to the steepest lie.

Uphill Chipping Contest

  • Challenge friends to an uphill chipping contest. See who can get closest to the pin from 10, 20, and 30 yards.


  • Visualize seeing the leading edge of the club strike the ball first. Audibly say “compress” at impact.

With quality repetition and purposeful practice, uphill chip shots will become second nature.

Final Thoughts – Conquering the Uphill Lie

The next time you find your ball sitting on an uphill lie, avoid dreading the challenging shot. Instead, remember these key tips:

  • Carefully assess slope severity
  • Set up with proper stance width, balance, alignment
  • Choose less lofted club due to added loft
  • Maintain weight forward and make swing adjustments
  • Utilize drills to improve technique

With adjustments to stance, club selection, and swing, you can conquer even the steepest uphill chip shots! Your practice and improved technique will lead to more up and downs, lower scores, and more enjoyment on the course.

What tips do you utilize when facing uphill chip shots? Share your go-to strategies in the comments below!

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