Golf Handicap Calculator

Golf Handicap Calculator

Enter your scores:

How do we calculate your simple handicap index?

  1. Input Scores: The user enters their golf scores from up to 20 recent rounds.
  2. Lowest Scores Selection: From the scores entered, the lowest 40% are selected. This means if you enter 20 scores, we’ll take the 8 lowest scores. If you enter 10 scores, we’ll take the 4 lowest. If only 5 scores are entered, we’ll take the 2 lowest scores.
  3. Average Calculation: We then calculate the average of these lowest scores. This is done by adding them together and then dividing by the number of scores.
  4. Subtract Constant: The constant of 72 (which represents a par score on a standard golf course) is subtracted from this average.

The result of this calculation is your Golf Handicap Index. The lower the index, the better the player. This calculation provides a measure of a player’s potential ability on a course of standard playing difficulty.

It’s important to note that this is a simplified version of the Handicap Index calculation. The official calculation used by the USGA and other golf associations around the world involves additional factors, such as the Course Rating and Slope Rating of the courses where the rounds were played, and adjustments for abnormally high or low scores.

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