Everything You Need To Know About Golf Cart Weight

Golf Cart Weight

How much does a golf cart weigh? What factors affect the weight of a golf cart? Read on to find out everything you need to know about golf cart weight!

Golf cart weight is an important consideration when using and maintaining your vehicle. Knowing the average golf cart weight and the weight capacity of your specific cart model allows you to operate it safely and avoid damage.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover all the key details about golf cart weights including:

What Is the Average Golf Cart Weight?

The average golf cart will weigh between 800 to 1500 lbs. However, weights can vary quite a bit depending on the:

  • Type of golf cart (gas vs. electric)
  • Number of seats (2 seater vs. 4 seater)
  • Model (Club Car, Yamaha, EZGO, etc.)
  • Features (lifts kits, aftermarket accessories)
  • Battery weight

Electric golf carts typically weigh less than gas-powered golf carts. A standard electric cart weighs 800-1200 lbs without batteries.

How Much Does a Gas Golf Cart Weigh?

Gas golf carts are heavier than electric carts. They usually weigh between 1000-1500 lbs depending on the features. This extra weight comes from the gas engine, drive train, and other components required for a gas powertrain.

What is the Weight Limit for Golf Carts?

Most golf cart manuals provide weight limits you should not exceed. Exceeding the golf cart weight capacity strains the engine, suspension, tires and can lead to damage.

Weight limits include:

  • Passenger weight limit – The maximum combined weight of passengers the golf cart can safely carry, typically 800-1000 lbs.
  • Towing capacity – The maximum weight the golf cart can tow, which ranges from 500-1500 lbs depending on the model.
  • Payload capacity – The total weight the cart can handle including passengers, cargo in the rear bed, accessories, and the tongue weight of a towed trailer. Payload capacity ranges between 1000-2000 lbs.

Always consult your owner’s manual and do not overload the golf cart. Distribute weight evenly and avoid exceeding individual axle limits.

What Factors Affect Golf Cart Weight?

The total weight of your golf cart will be affected by:

  • Type of cart – Gas carts weigh more than electric.
  • Number of seats – 4-seater carts weigh more than 2-seaters.
  • Batteries – Electric cart batteries can add over 500 lbs of weight. Heavier deep-cycle batteries offer more range.
  • Accessories – Aftermarket additions like lifts, cargo beds, enclosures can add 100+ lbs.
  • Passengers and cargo – More occupants and cargo increase the weight.
  • Customizations – Larger tires, chrome rims, etc. can slightly increase the weight.

What is Curb Weight vs Dry Weight?

When discussing golf cart weights, you’ll see terms like “curb weight” and “dry weight.” What do they mean?

  • Curb weight – The total weight of the fully assembled golf cart with all fluids and components.
  • Dry weight – The weight of the cart without any fluids or batteries installed.

Knowing both the curb weight and dry weight is useful when calculating payload capacity.

How Much Does the Battery Weight?

For electric golf carts, the battery pack is the heaviest component. Good quality 6V and 8V lead-acid batteries commonly used in golf carts weigh:

  • 6V deep cycle battery – Average 70 pounds each. Cart requires 6 batteries = 420 pounds.
  • 8V deep cycle battery – Average 60 pounds each. Cart requires 4 batteries = 240 pounds.

Lighter lithium-ion batteries are available but much more expensive. They offer similar range with less weight.

Do Golf Cart Lift Kits Increase the Weight?

Adding a golf cart lift kit does increase the overall weight slightly. A typical lift kit with larger tires can add 50-100 lbs to the curb weight. The exact amount depends on the size and type of components used. This must be considered when loading the cart to stay within the weight capacity.

How Much Can a Golf Cart Tow?

The towing capacity of a golf cart depends on the model, but common ranges are:

  • Electric golf carts – Up to 1500 lbs towing capacity.
  • Gas golf carts – Between 1500-2000 lbs.
  • Heavy duty models – Can tow over 2000 lbs.

Always match the towed weight to the capacity listed for your specific golf cart to avoid overloading. Use a pintle hook, safety chains, and brake actuator for safe towing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gas golf carts weigh 1000-1500 lbs, electric carts 800-1200 lbs without batteries.
  • Curb weight includes all fluids, batteries, etc. Dry weight is without.
  • Exceeding weight limits risks damage. Check your manual for capacities.
  • Electric batteries can add over 500 lbs of weight depending on capacity.
  • Carefully calculate weight when adding accessories, passengers and cargo.

Knowing the weight and load capacity of your golf cart model allows you to operate it safely and maximize utility. Carefully manage weight during use and when installing aftermarket customizations.

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