End The Frustrating Double Cross: Pro Tips To Cure Your Golf Slice And Hook

double cross golf

If you’ve been playing golf for any length of time, you’ve likely experienced the dreaded “double cross golf.” This is when you intend to hit a controlled fade or draw, but the ball curves significantly more off line in the opposite direction. One round you battle a wicked slice, and the next you fight a nasty hook.

Making solid contact but seeing your golf ball rocket into the trees gets frustrating fast. While a natural sidespin fade or draw of 10-20 yards can be useful, those unintended 50+ yard slices and hooks ruin holes and rounds.

Thankfully, this erratic shot pattern that ruins rhythm and scores is fixable. Mastering straight shots and intentional fades and draws comes down to understanding what causes the double cross and applying fixes through purposeful practice.

Let’s first break down what leads to this golfing nuisance, then work through drills and swing thoughts to cure it for good.

Main Causes of the Double Cross Golf

Before treating the slice and hook double cross, it’s helpful to know what causes it in the first place. Here are the most common culprits leading to that dreaded possibility of the golf ball curving either way off the fairway:

Slowing Body Turn

Proper rotation of your upper body and hips is critical for solid ball-striking. If your swing sequence gets out of order, you end up hitting from your arms and hands rather than rotating through impact.

This loss of power diminishes your control over clubface angle and swing direction, leading to off-center hits and curves way left or right of your target.

Fixing the timing of your turn assures you’re releasing the club properly to square the face to your path.

Holding the Clubface Open or Closed

Even if your swing path is neutral, a slightly open or closed clubface at impact will curve the golf ball. Holding the face open on the backswing tends to curve it right as a slice, while shutting it on the downswing hooks it left.

Maintaining proper grip pressure and wrist angles will help the clubface return square naturally at impact.

Lack of Commitment and Trust

The final major factor causing double crosses is simply a lack of trust in your technique and the intended shot shape. If you’re unsure of hitting a fade or draw and change your mind mid-swing, sloppy execution leads to unplanned curvature.

Committing to the shot and making confident swings will remove this mental obstacle.

Now that we’ve diagnosed what typically causes a two-way miss, let’s work through specific drills and fixes to stop it.

Drills to Cure the Golf Slice Double Cross

If your main miss is a massive slice, implement these tips to shallow out your swing path and release your hands fully through impact:

Weaken Grip Pressure

Think of holding a baby bird in your hands. You want light, even pressure in both hands to avoid manipulation and twisting of the clubface. Relax your grip to about 6 out of 10 pressure.

Practice Inside-Out Swing Path

Place an alignment stick or golf club on the ground angled toward your target line. Initiate the downswing by dropping the club to the inside to swipe the stick. Exaggerate the in-to-out path.

Roll Hands Over at Impact

Hold a finish position with the club across your neck and lead forearm rotated over. Feel palm facing the ground to release fully out-to-in through the ball.

Drills to Cure the Golf Hook Double Cross

If your typical miss is a hook, implement these tips to maintain control of your swing direction and body rotation:

Close Stance to Path

Angle feet, hips and shoulders left of the target line. Swing out-to-in relative to your stance to straighten ball flight.

Weaken Grip and Wrist Angles

Grip more in fingers versus palms with light pressure, maintaining wrist angles lagging clubface slightly open.

Bump Hips Forward

Feel a subtle bump of lead hip towards target before downswing to prevent over-rotation. Time upper body to clear before impact.

![Golfer doing practice drill with alignment sticks][]

Practice drills like using an alignment stick help groove proper swing mechanics to cure the double cross.

Building Trust in Your Golf Swing

Implementing technical fixes through practice drills is vital for lasting improvement. However, you also need confidence to commit to your swing and intended shot shape on the course.

Here are ways to trust your swing technique:

  • Use pre-shot mental cues to reinforce your ideal swing.
  • Visualize your normal shot shape and seeing the ball follow that curving path.
  • Start practice rounds hitting fades and draws to intended targets.
  • Face extreme pressure simulations through games and challenges with friends.

Trust is also built through experience. The more you successfully execute a variety of shot shapes on course, the more confidence you’ll have in your skills. Be patient through mistakes and keep swinging with commitment.

Ensuring Consistency for the Long Term

In order to prevent your swing faults from creeping back in over time, maintain these keys for consistency:

  • Stick to a structured practice routine 2-3 times per week.
  • Get regular lessons from a certified teaching pro to reinforce proper mechanics.
  • Perform daily warm-up drills before each round of golf.
  • Analyze swing video using software tools to self-diagnose issues.
  • When things feel off, return to basics – grip, posture, alignment basics.

Grooving a repeatable, mechanically sound swing through diligent practice is how you permanently banish the double cross.

Final Verdict – Cure Your Slice and Hook for Good

If you’ve battled the spraying shots and rollercoaster play caused by the double cross, relief is within reach.

By understanding the main causes – body and face control issues – and applying targeted practice drills, you can gain control over both your slice and hook.

Building trust in your technique through on-course experience, mental cues, and simulations will erase any remnants of uncertainty.

Make a commitment over the next month to ingrain proper swing mechanics through practice. When you step up on the 1st tee and rip a pure fade or draw exactly as you pictured, you’ll be liberated from your double cross demons once and for all!

Now it’s time to put this instruction into action. Leave a comment below on what drills you plan to implement first to cure your slice or hook. Let’s beat this frustrating issue together.

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