How to Properly Carry Your Golf Bag When Walking the Course

How to Properly Carry Your Golf Bag

Walking the golf course while carrying your own bag allows you to get exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, carrying a heavy golf bag incorrectly can cause back pain and injuries. To avoid discomfort and play your best golf, it’s important to properly carry your golf bag. Here are tips for carrying different types of golf bags and getting the most out of your walking golf experience.

Carrying Different Types of Golf Bags

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There are a few main types of golf bags, each designed for a different purpose. Here’s how to properly carry them:

Golf Stand Bags

Golf stand bags are designed for golfers walking the course. They have built-in stand legs that pop out when you set the bag down.

  • Use the double shoulder straps to carry like a backpack. This distributes the weight and prevents back strain.
  • Organize your clubs using full-length dividers to prevent rattling and damage.
  • Always carry a water bottle – staying hydrated is important when walking.

Golf Cart Bags

Golf cart bags are meant to stay on a cart, not carried.

  • Use the carry strap sparingly to transport from car to cart.
  • They are heavy, so use your dominant shoulder if carrying short distances.

Sunday Golf Bags

Sunday golf bags are ultra lightweight carry bags.

  • The lightweight design means you can carry with a single strap or handle.
  • You can only carry 5-7 clubs, so choose which ones you’ll need strategically.

What to Consider When Carrying a Golf Bag

What to Consider When Carrying a Golf Bag

Before strapping on your bag, consider these factors:

Bag Weight

  • Consider the empty bag weight plus all your gear – clubs, balls, tees, etc.
  • The heavier the bag, the more strain on your body. Make it as light as possible.

Physical Fitness

  • Be realistic about your fitness level to walk 18 holes carrying a bag.
  • Improve conditioning with specific exercises to build golf stamina.

Golf Course Terrain

  • Research the elevation changes and distances between holes.
  • Hilly courses are harder when carrying a bag vs. using a pushcart.

Practical Tips for Carrying a Golf Bag

Use these tips for smooth, pain-free carrying:

Load Bag Properly

  • Only pack what you need based on weather and course conditions.
  • Be organized but avoid excess weight.

Assess Your Straps

  • Find the right tightness so the bag stays in place but is easy to take on/off.
  • Position straps so clubs angle slightly downward to prevent spilling.

Get Rid of Excess Weight

  • Invest in a lightweight golf bag designed for carrying.
  • Use a pushcart to roll the bag and avoid carrying completely.

Use a Pushcart

  • A pushcart allows you to walk while rolling your bag on 3 wheels.
  • You can use any bag and pack more gear.
  • Challenging on steep hills, easier on flat courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average weight of a golf bag?

  • Empty carry bags weigh 3-7 pounds.
  • Empty cart bags weigh 7-12 pounds.
  • Fully loaded bags can weigh 30+ pounds.

Is carrying a golf bag bad for your back?

  • Carrying a bag improperly or one that’s too heavy can definitely cause back injuries.
  • Using double straps properly disperses weight and prevents strain.
  • Those with back problems should use a pushcart.

Is it better to push or carry a golf bag?

  • Pushing is better in terms of back health.
  • Carrying allows you to take more direct lines between shots.
  • On hilly courses, carrying can be easier than pushing uphill.
  • It’s about personal preference and physical ability.


The key to walking and carrying your golf bag is finding the right method for your needs. Here are some final tips:

  • Reduce weight carried by using a lightweight carry bag.
  • Choose walkable courses without extreme elevation changes.
  • Use a pushcart to roll the bag without back strain.
  • Get exercise and enjoy the walk – just take precautions to avoid injury!

With the right preparation and gear, you can carry your golf bag on the course pain-free. Use proper form, distribute weight across both shoulders, and only pack the essentials. Your back and golf game will thank you. Play your best golf while walking the course by following these tips for properly carrying your golf bag.

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